Dolmen Portal Tombs

One of the largest, tallest and most spectacular dolmens in Ireland

Kilmogue Portal Tomb, Mullinavat. County Kilkenny       c. 4000 – 3000 b. c. This National Monument is the impressive Kilmogue or 'Harristown' Dolmen. It was constructed between c.4000 - 3000 b. c. and is located near the [...]

One of Ireland’s finest portal tombs with 2 capstones still intact

Knockeen Portal Tomb, Knockeen. County Waterford     c. 4000 – 3000 b. c The Knockeen Dolmen is one of Ireland’s finest portal tombs. It stands 13 feet high in the middle of a hedgerow bordering 2 fields. [...]

A 6000 year old stunner & The Hill of the Hag

Gaulstown Dolmen, Gaulstown. County Waterford   c. 4000 - 3500 b. c. This national monument is The Gaulstown Dolmen. It is located in south county Waterford and dates to c.4000 – 3500 b.c. It is regarded [...]

The largest megalithic cemetery in Ireland & amongst the oldest in Europe

Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery is located a few miles south of the town of Sligo. It is the largest megalithic cemetery in Ireland and amongst the oldest in Europe dating back to 4600 b.c. It is [...]

One of Ireland’s most beautiful and oldest portal tombs

Kilclooney Dolmen, Kilclooney. County Donegal   c. 3500 - 3000 b. c. The beautiful Kilclooney Dolmen is regarded as one of the finest examples of a portal tomb in the country. It’s impressive capstone measures 13 [...]

Possibly the oldest structure in Inishowen with a mysterious name

The Morton God Dolmen, Muff. County Donegal       c. 3500 b. c - 2500 b. c. The Morton God Dolmen is the largest portal tomb in Inishowen and possibly its oldest structure. Its name remains a [...]

A 4500 year old dolmen in the middle of a housing estate in south Dublin

This Dolmen is located in Ballybrack in south co. Dublin. It dates for approx 2500 b.c and it's granite capstone has beautiful shiny quartz mixed through it. It measures 5 foot X 5 foot and [...]

Ireland’s most iconic dolmen & the hole of sorrows

The Poulnabrone Dolmen, Caherconnell. County Clare       c. 3600 b. c. The Poulnabrone Dolmen is a national monument and dates from c. 3600 b. c. Its timeless simplicity has made it one of the most photographed [...]

The oldest ancient structure in Dublin City and the smallest ‘dolmen’ in Ireland

Knockmaree Dolmen is located in Phoenix Park in Dublin City. It dates from approx 3000 b.c > 1700 b.c and is probably the oldest monument near the city and possibly the smallest ‘dolmen’ structure in [...]

The Hag’s Chair, The Ring of Gullion & Absolutely worth re-erecting

The Ballykeel Dolmen, Camlouth. County Armagh     c. 3500 b.c – 2500 b.c This is a classic example of a tripod portal tomb or dolmen and is locally known as 'The Hag's Chair'. When excavated in [...]

A dolmen with an 80 tonne capstone – possibly 2nd heaviest in the country

The Kilternan Dolmen is located in south Dublin near the village of Kilternan. This national monument  is believed to have the second heaviest cap stone in Ireland (next to the Brownshill Dolmen in Carlow) weighing [...]

The most photographed dolmen in the north of Ireland

This is the beautiful and graceful Proleek Dolmen located on the legendary Cooley Peninsula in co. Louth. It is one of the finest examples in Ireland and dates from between 4000 to 2500 b. c. [...]

Ireland’s largest dolmen – but how did they get that ginormous boulder up there?

The Brownshill Dolmen, Hackettstown. County Carlow 4000 – 2500 b. c. This national monument is the Brownshill Dolmen. It is not only the largest example in Ireland but also in Europe with a capstone estimated [...]

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