The Molly Malone Statue, Grafton Street (now removed). Dublin City 1988

The Molly Malone Statue was designed by Jeanne Rynhart and based on a popular song of a 17th century fictional character to celebrate Dublin's first millennium in 1988. It tells the tale of a fishmonger [...]

The German Military Cemetery, Glencree. co.Wicklow 1945

The German Military Cemetery, located beside the Glencree centre for Peace and Reconciliation in the Wicklow Mountains. This was originally a quarry owned by Lord Powerscourt to supply the nearby military barracks. Although Ireland positioned [...]

Anna Livia Sculpture, Croppies Memorial Park. Dublin City 1988

The Anna Livia sculpture was originally located on O'Connell Street but was removed in 2001 to make room for the Dublin Spire. She was then 'cleaned up and scrubbed' and relocated to the Croppies Memorial [...]

Stillorgan Obelisk, Newtown-Park. co. Dublin 1727

The Stillorgan Obelisk built in 1729, is possibly the first obelisk to be built in Ireland. It was on the grounds of Stillorgan Park House by Lord Allen who commissioned the famous architect Edward Lovett [...]

The O’Connell Monument, O’Connell St. Dublin City -1880 (Dubh Linn-‘Black Pool’)

This Statue was built to commemorate 'the liberator' Daniel O'Connell (1775- 1847) after whom the street was also renamed after Irish independence. O'Connell was born in Kerry and believed in employing peaceful tactics to achieve [...]

Dawson Memorial Column, Rockcorry. co.Monaghan 1809

The Dawson Memorial is situated between Cootehill and Rockcorry in co. Monaghan. It was erected in 1809 by the independent voters of County Monaghan in praise of their local MP Richard Dawson. Richard 'Honest Dick' [...]

The Treaty Stone, Thomond Bridge. Limerick City – 1691

The 'The Treaty of Limerick' between King William and King James II was signed on this stone in 1691. After the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, the remainder of James II's defeated army retired [...]

The Papal Cross, Phoenix Park. Dublin City – 1979 (fionn uisce- “clear water’)

The Papal Cross is a simple large white cross that was erected near the edge of the Fifteen Acres area in Phoenix Park for the Papal visit of Pope John Paul II on the 29th [...]

Trinity College Campanile, Trinity University. Dublin City – 1853

The campanile (or bell tower) in Trinity College stands nearly 100 foot tall and was built in 1853 to the designs of the famous architect Sir Charles Lanyon. Lanyon's other works include Queens University Belfast, [...]

Browne-Clayton Monument, Carrigadaggan Hill. co.Wexford – 1841

The Browne-Clayton Monument is the only internally accessible Corinthian column in the World and thus is a unique architectural landmark. It was built between 1839 - 41 and stands over 94 ft high on Carrigadaggan [...]

Scrabo Tower, Newtownards. co.Down – 1857 (Scrabo-‘cow pasture’)

Scrabo Tower majestically stands 125 feet high on a hill 540 feet above sea level and is one of Northern Ireland's most famous landmarks. This site was originally the location of a great megalithic cairn, [...]

Conolly’s Folly, Celbridge. co.Kildare – 1741

This strange looking structure is called 'Conolly's Folly' and stands 140 feet high. It is composed of several arches and is adorned by stone pineapples and eagles and is topped by a massive obelisk pillar. [...]

Killiney Obelisk, Killliney Hill. co.Dublin – 1742

The Killiney Obelisk, located in a stunning location on Killiney Hill, commemorates a sad event in Ireland's history. It was commissioned by John Malpas (a wealthy Catholic who had previously owned this land) in response [...]

The Wellington Testimonial, Phoenix Park. Dublin City 1817-1861

The Wellington Testimonial, standing over 200 feet tall is Europe's largest obelisk. It was built between 1817 and 1861 as a commemoration to the victories of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. It has 4 [...]

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