Ring Forts

Gaze at the stars within one of the most important early forts in Ireland

Staigue Fort is a NATIONAL MONUMENT that dates from the late iron age (approx 300 - 400 a.d). It's name 'Caiseal Stéig' translates  to 'the fort of the steps' or possibly 'the windy fort'. It [...]

A 1500 year dry stone walled fort built in a hidden lake

Doon Fort is an ancient ring fort hidden away on Doon Lough near the coastal village of Portnoo in co. Donegal. It dates from the 5th century a.d and was probably built as a place [...]

The most powerful family in Ireland for 600 years & It’s all about the sunset

This national monument is the spectacular Grainan of Aileach. It is located near Burt in co.Donegal and sits on a hilltop 800 feet above sea level. The original construction for this [...]

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