Standing Stones

Elaborate standing stone with cup marks, swirls and zig zags

The Ardmore Gallen Stone, Muff. County Donegal     c. 1500 – 500 b. c. The Ardmore Gallen Stone stands in a field near the village of Muff in county Donegal. More than 10,000 standing stones have [...]

Cúchulainn’s Stone

Cúchulainn's Stone (Clochafarmore) is located near the village of Knockbridge in co.Louth. It may date to anytime between 1000 b.c - 500 a.d. According to legend, the mortally wounded Cúchulainn bound himself to this 10 [...]

The tallest and most elegant standing stone in Ireland

Punchestown Longstone, Punchestown. County Kildare      c. 1500 – 500 b. c. The Punchestown Long Stone is located near the entrance to the Punchestown Racecourse in county Kildare. This national monument is the tallest and one [...]

A quartz standing stone, Queen Maeve & Beaker pottery

Glencullen Standing Stone is now located on a golf course in the village of Glencullen in south Dublin. Standing stones or 'mehirs' are usually difficult to date but it is sometimes possible when a particular [...]

A burial tomb, a boundary marker or a scratching post for a friendly cow ?

The Craddockstown West Longstone is a national monument and is located facing the entrance to the Punchestown Racecourse in co.Kildare. It is hugely elegant and stands 15 feet high. There are a number of Long [...]

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