Standing Stones

The Ardmore Gallen Stone, Muff. co.Donegal c.1500 – 500 b.c ?

The Ardmore Gallen Stone stands over 6 feet tall in a field near the village of Muff overlooking Lough Foyle. More than 10,000 standing stones have been recorded in Ireland and many were used for [...]

CĂșchulainn’s Stone (Clochafarmore), Knockbridge. co.Louth 500 b.c>500 a.d

According to legend, the mortally wounded CĂșchulainn bound himself to this 10 foot pillar stone, so he could stand tall and face his enemies until the moment of his death. These did not dare approach [...]

Punchestown Long Stone, Punchestown. co.Kildare – 2000 b.c > 500 b.c

This national monument is the impressive Punchestown Longstone. It is the tallest and one of the most graceful examples in Ireland standing at 22 feet high. It is difficult to establish the age of standing [...]

Glencullen Standing Stone, Glencullen. co.Dublin – c.1700 b.c (Gleann Cuilinn-‘Valley of the Holly’)

The Glencullen Standing Stone is can be found in the golf course facing Johnnie Fox's pub in the village of Glencullen. Standing stones or 'mehirs' are usually difficult to date but it is sometimes possible [...]

Craddockstown West Longstone, Punchestown. co.Kildare c.1500 b.c > 500 b.c

This hugely elegant megalithic longstone stands 15 feet tall in a field facing the entrance to the Punchestown Racecourse. It was thought that such Longstones were markers for route ways or boundaries, or were monuments [...]

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