Stone Circles

Stone Circles are…yes..circles of stones set upright to form a type of enclosure. They are mainly found in south Munster and mid Ulster. They date from approx. 2500 b.c – 1000 b.c. They typically have 2 large portal stones which usually decrease in size towards the horizon or an axial stone. These stone are sometimes aligned towards the rising or setting sun during one of the solstices or equinoxes, leading to a theory that they were some sort of astronomical observatories. They may have had some sort of important religious or ceremonial significance. They are usually found in beautiful locations.

One of the largest stone circles in south west Ireland located in Kenmare Town

Kenmare Stone Circle was built about c.2500-1000 b.c It is located 5 minutes walk from the centre of the town and is locally known as the 'The Shrubberies'. It is one of the largest stone [...]

Original bronze age tomb surrounded by an Iron age stone circle

This National Monument is The Clogherny Wedge Tomb located near the village of Plumbridge in co. Tyrone. It dates from approx c.2500 b.c and sits in a sparse exposed glaciated valley. It still has it's large [...]

Discovered in 1941, Dragons Teeth and 1269 tiny standing stones!

The mysterious Beaghmore Stone Circles are located near Cookstown in co. Tyrone, They date to approx 2900 b.c > 1200 b.c. The stones were uncovered by local peat cutters in the 1940s. It is made up [...]

An early stone circle in a beautiful location in north Donegal

The Bocan Stone Circle is located about a mile outside the village of Culdaff in co.Donegal. This national monument dates between 2500 b.c - 1500 b.c. Stone circles may have been used for sun worship, [...]

One of the largest, earliest and most beautiful stone circles in Ireland

This national monument is the Beltany Stone Circle, located in Raphoe in co.Donegal. It dates from between c.1400 b.c > 800 b.c and is one of the largest and earliest stone circles in Ireland with [...]

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