Deenagh Lodge, Killarney. co.Kerry 1834

This beautiful cottage orne is Deenagh Lodge. It is located at the entrance to Killarney National Park beside the Deenagh River. It was built in 1834 using the local river reed which being hollow offered [...]

Ducketts Grove, Rainstown. co. Carlow 1818-1850

These are the incredible ruins of Duckett's Grove, located in Rainstown in co. Carlow. This great house was once home to the Duckett family who were the largest landowners in co. Carlow for 300 years [...]

Clonyn Castle, Delvin. co.Westmeath 1876

Sir Gilbert de Nugent, originally from the Nogent-le-Rotrou area in France, came to Ireland with his brother-in-law Hugh de Lacy in 1171. He was granted the title Baron of Delvin within the Lordship of Meath. [...]

The Clock Tower, Waterford Quays. Waterford City 1863

During the Victorian era, Waterford was Ireland's busiest industrial port. It had the largest ship building yards in the country (before being surpassed by Belfast) and traded to 400 international ports all over the World. [...]

Herdman’s Mill, Sion Mills. co. Tyrone – 1853

The town of Sion Mills is full of quirky and interesting buildings built in the 19th century. The power supplied by the River Mourne was the main reason why this linen mill was built here [...]

Humewood Castle, Kiltegan. co. Wicklow – 1870

Humewood Castle is a large Gothic-fantasy mansion built in 1870 in 427 acres of parkland as the private residence of the Hume family. This 3-story 12 bedroom mansion is flanked with towers and has all [...]

Clontarf Castle Gatehouse, Clontarf. co. Dublin 1837

This is the beautiful gatehouse for Clontarf Castle which along with the castle were totally remodeled in the 1830's. The original castle was built by the Norman, Hugh de Lacy, in 1172 near the site [...]

Farmleigh Estate, Phoenix Park. Dublin City 1884 (fionn uisce-“clear water’)

Farmleigh was originally a small Georgian house built in the late 1700's in the west corner of Phoenix Park. It was purchased by Edward Cecil Guinness on his marriage to his cousin, Adelaide Guinness in [...]

Loftus Hall, Hook Head. co.Wexford – 1872

Loftus Hall is said to have been the most haunted house in Ireland and is possessed by a young woman and the devil himself! This was originally the site of a castle built by the [...]

The Irish Museum of Country Life, Castlebar. co.Mayo – 2001

Ashford Castle, Cong. co. Mayo – b.1881 on earlier Norman site

The architecture of Ashford Castle dates from several eras. The oldest section is a 13th-century Norman castle that once belonged to the de Burgh family. A house styled like a French château (the original Ashford [...]

Adare Manor, Adare. co.Limerick 1832 – 1864

This magnificent Gothic style house is Adare Manor. Windham Henry Quin (the 2nd Earl of Dunraven) lived on this estate and wanted a bigger 'pad'. He started work on this structure in 1832 but did [...]

Castle Leslie, Glaslough. co.Monaghan – 1870

The Leslie Family can trace their ancestry back to Atilla the Hun of Hungary and to a nobleman called Bartholomew Leslie. Bartholomew saved Margaret Queen of Scotland's life in 1065 in an incident whilst they [...]

Killeen Castle, Dunsany. co.Meath – built c.1820

The history of Killeen Castle dates back over eight hundred years to 1181, when Hugh de Lacy built castles for a strategic defense system for north Leinster. From 1403 until the 1950’s, the castle acted [...]

Lumen Cristi College, Bishop Street. Derry City – 1879

Lumen Christi College was formerly known as St Columb's College. This is one of the few schools in the world that can claim two Nobel laureates amongst its alumni, namely; Seamus Heaney (Nobel Literature Prize-1995) [...]

Magee College, Northland Road. Derry City – 1865

This elegant building is Magee College, built in 1865 to the designs of the Dublin architect Edward Gribben in a Victorian Gothic style. At this time, Derry was a rapidly developing industrial centre and although [...]

The Apprentice Boys of Derry Memorial Hall, Society Street. Derry City – 1873

The Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall and its museum is dedicated to the memory of the 13 Apprentice Boys who closed the City gates in 1688 when Catholic James II of England laid siege to the [...]

Albert Memorial Clock, Queen’s Square. Belfast City – 1869

The Albert Memorial Clock is located at Queen's Square in Belfast and is one of Belfast's best known landmarks. In 1865 a competition for the design of a memorial to Queen Victoria's late Prince Consort, [...]

Belfast City Hall, Donegall Square. Belfast City – 1906

Belfast City Hall, built in 1906, is regarded as one of the finest buildings of it's era in the United Kingdom. Plans began in 1888 when Belfast was awarded city status by Queen Victoria. This [...]

Belfast Castle, Antrim Road. Belfast City – 1870

Belfast Castle is set on the slopes of Cavehill Country Park  400 feet above sea level with stunning views overlooking Belfast Lough. Belfast's original Norman castle built in the 12th century in what is now [...]

The Guildhall, Guildhall Street. Derry City – 1890

This impressive piece of architecture is Derry's Guildhall. It was built in 1887 using red sandstone and it's style is described as neo-gothic with Tudor overtones. It has the 2nd largest clock face in the [...]

Scrabo Tower, Newtownards. co.Down – 1857 (Scrabo-‘cow pasture’)

Scrabo Tower majestically stands 125 feet high on a hill 540 feet above sea level and is one of Northern Ireland's most famous landmarks. This site was originally the location of a great megalithic cairn, [...]

National University of Ireland, University Road. Galway City – 1845

Galway University opened it's doors on the 30th of October 1849 to 63 students and was then known as Queen's College. This was in fact one of three 'Queen's Colleges', the others two were located [...]

The Star Factory, Foyle Road. Derry City – 1899

The Star Factory was built in 1899 for the Messrs.Bayer Company who were shirt makers and was designed by Daniel Convoy. In the early 1900's Derry was the principal seat of the shirt industry in [...]

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