Wedge Tombs

Clogherny Wedge Tomb, Plumbridge. co.Tyrone c.2500 b.c

The Clogherny Wedge tomb is located in a sparse exposed glaciated valley near the village of Plumbridge in co. Tyrone. It still has it's large capstone and is unusual because it is surrounded by a [...]

Kilmashogue Wedge Tomb. Kilmashogue. co. Dublin. c.2000 b.c

The Kilmashogue Wedge Tomb is located half way up the Dublin Mountains near the car park of the Kilmashogue Recreation Area. The tomb dates from about 2000 b.c and would have originally been much larger [...]

Srahwee Wedge Tomb, Cregganbaun. co.Mayo – c.2000 b.c

Srahwee wedge tomb is regarded as one of the finest megalithic tombs in Ireland. It was constructed during the Bronze Age (approx 2000 b.c) and is located in wild and stunning scenery about 5 miles [...]

Ballyedmunduff Wedge Tomb, Ballyedmunduff. co.Dublin – c.1700 b.c

Ballyedmunduff Wedge Tomb is a national monument and is considered to be one of the finest examples in Ireland. It was constructed during the bronze age and like many other wedge tombs is locally known [...]

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