St Patrick’s Tower, Thomas Street. Dublin City – 1757

This former windmill, now known as St Patrick's Tower, was the largest smock windmill in Europe and was used to power the Roe Distillery on Thomas Street in Dublin. George Roe and Company had it's [...]

The Great Windmill, Skerries. co.Dublin – 1750

This windmill, known as 'The Great Windmill of Skerries' was built about 1750. It stands 15 metres in height and has a 20 metre diametre of sail. It commands magnificent views of the coastline and [...]

The Small Windmill, Skerries. co.Dublin – 1525

This windmill was built around 1525 on a circular plan and is capped with thatched conical roof. It had four canvas sails that were turned into the wind from inside by a hand lever. The [...]

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