Ballykelly village was a plantation settlement and contains some of the most interesting buildings erected in Ulster. These were funded by plantation companies during the 18th and 19th centuries like in this case by The London Company of Fishmongers. This church was built in 1795 by Earl Frederick Hervey who was the Bishop of Derry at the time and is a simple perpendicular church, with three aisles, a gallery and a tower topped by an elegant spire. It was built on the ancient ruins of the Tamlaght Finlagan Church and Graveyard which are reputed to be the remains of an abbey founded by St Columba in 575 AD. The remains of a Round Tower adjacent signifies the importance of this area at one time. The name Tamlaghtfinlagan comes from the Irish, the resting place of Finliganus, one of Columba’s monks who was, according to tradition, the founding abbot of the abbey.

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