The Apprentice Boys of Derry Memorial Hall is located on Society Street in Derry City. The building is dedicated to the memory of the 13 Apprentice Boys who closed the city gates in 1688 when Catholic James II of England laid siege to Derry which at the time was a Protestant stronghold. It was built in 1873 under the designs of John Guy Ferguson in an neoGothic style with Scottish Baronial influences. This is now classified as an important architectural listed building and includes a museum and meeting rooms for each of the Loyal Orange Orders. The Apprentice Boys of Derry is a Protestant fraternal society that was founded in 1814. It has 80,000 worldwide members with clubs and branches all over Ireland, Britain, Canada and the U.S. The Apprentice Boys parades regularly led to rioting in the city but recently a more conciliatory approach has taken place and now they are virtually trouble free.