This windmill, known as ‘The Great Windmill of Skerries’ was built about 1750. It stands 15 metres in height and has a 20 metre diametre of sail. It commands magnificent views of the coastline and the surrounding countryside. It contains 2 sets of grinding stones and the cap is pulled into the wind by a tail-pole. The mills in Skerries were used for grinding wheat, oats and barley using both wind power and water power. During the dissolution of the monasteries under Henry VIII in 1538, The Canons Regular of St Augustin of Holmpatrick owned over 1000 acres of land in the vicinity of present-day Skerries and counted the watermills among their possessions. Stormy weather in the mid- 1840’s badly damaged this mill but it was rebuilt in a five-sail version and became a popular symbol in holiday posters for Skerries. Artists such as Alexander Williams and Harry Kernoff also made it a subject of their paintings.

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