The Pearse Museum which was formerly an Irish speaking school named ‘St. Enda’s’ is an 18th century house situated in scenic parkland near Rathfarnham in south Dublin. It is dedicated to the memory of the famous nationalist Patrick Pearse and his brother William. Patrick who was executed for his part in the 1916 Rising was also an educationalist. Originally Pearse’s school was set up in Ranelagh on the 8th of September 1908 and then moved to this location in 1910. After Pearse was executed and due to decreasing numbers and increasing financial worries, the school eventually had to close in 1935. St. Enda’s and its grounds were handed over to the state in 1968 and the school house is now a Museum devoted to the Pearse brothers. The Museum contains reconstructions of many of the original rooms, including Pearse’s study, the family sitting room, the school art gallery, the school museum and one of the dormitories. There is also a gallery devoted exclusively to the sculpture of William Pearse.