The Temple of Deen, Culdaff. County Donegal       c. 2500 – 1500 b. c.

These granite rocks are the remains of a burial chamber known locally as the Temple of Deen. It is located near the village of Culdaff on the Inishowen Pennisula in co. Donegal. It dates from between 2500 b. c. to 1500 b. c. and is situated in a beautiful spot with views overlooking Trabrega Bay and out towards the Atlantic Ocean. On the original ordinance survey maps of Ireland it was marked as a Druid’s altar as this site was linked to pagan ceremonies. During the 19th century the United Irish League held meetings here on Sunday afternoons to demand land reform. The meetings were attended by tenant farmers and prominent speakers who travelled from as far away as Dublin. During this time there was a revival and interest in all things Celtic and many ancient monuments were re-visited. It is interesting that they came here rather than to the monastic sites nearby. It is reputed that good old Saint Patrick visited this area in person and established the two early Christian monasteries that are located nearby called Cloncha and Carrowmore.