One of 39 Martellos still standing & views out to Lambay Island

This is tower no.6 Balcarrick located on Portrane Beach in North County Dublin. It was built in 1804 to thwart any plans Napoleon had to invade these islands. In 1803 an Act of Parliament to make provision for the proposed defenses in England and Ireland, the compulsory acquisition of land was passed for the building of the Martello towers. The towers were named after their prototype at Cape Mortella in Corsica. A large cannon was mounted on a traversing carriage on the roof. The towers in Ireland never did fire a shot in anger and many have been demolished or have fallen, like this one, into disrepair. Some 39 however still survive in Ireland, many of which are around Dublin. The entrance door and the windows to this one are blocked up and at some stage, an ugly looking circular battery type building, now in ruins, was built on the roof. The location is however beautiful and has extensive views out to Lambay Island and Howth.