County Cork

Corcaigh translates to means ‘marsh’ in Irish.
The county is known as the “People’s Republic of Cork”, a title derived from the region’s front-line role in the Irish War of Independence (1919–21).

These are some of the most significant landmarks, buildings and monuments in County Cork

Garinish Island, Glengarriff. County Cork


An island paradise, World famous gardens & Friendly seals Garinish Island, also known as 'Ilnacullin' or 'Island of holly’ in Irish, is located in the sheltered harbor of Glengarriff in west Cork. The [...]

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Charles Fort, Kinsale. County Cork 1682


One of the largest and finest British military installations in Ireland Charles Fort is a classic example of a late 17th century star-shaped fort and is was one of the largest British military [...]

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