County Galway

Galway may takes it’s name from ‘Gallibh’ meaning the ‘Foreigners Town’.
or from the name from it’s river, in which Gaillimh, the daughter of Breasail was drowned,
or possibly from the ‘Gallaeci’ people from Northern Spain.

These are some of the most significant landmarks, buildings and monuments in County Galway

Portumna Castle, Portumna. County Galway 1618


A castle in transition Portumna Castle was built in 1618 and is regarded as a interesting example of Irish architecture in the transition between the medieval fortified tower house and the classical large [...]

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Killary Harbour, Lennane. County Galway


Ireland's only Fjord Killary Harbour, is classified as Ireland's only fjord. It is located beside the beautiful village of Leenane which is often aptly described as the Gateway to Connemara. It forms a partial [...]

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Cloonacauneen Castle, Cloonacaueen. County Galway 1550


A beautifully restored fortified tower house & A perfect wedding venue Cloonacauneen Castle is a stunning 15th century tower house situated on outskirts of Galway City. Unusually, the majority of Cloonacaueen's owners have [...]

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Galway University. Galway City 1849


Galway's beautiful World ranking university Galway University opened it's doors on the 30th of October 1849 to 63 students and was then known as Queen's College. This was in fact one of three [...]

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