Holy Orders 1100 AD >1500 AD

Between c.1100 and 1500 roughly 400 new abbeys, priories, and friaries were established across Ireland. These accommodated men and women who lived communally according to particular religious rules, the origins of which lay in Continental Europe. They were responsible for the introduction of new ways of pursuing religious life, social provision, and land management. They also established a form of architectural planning designed for a communal life of work and prayer and became an important conduit for new artistic ideas into Ireland.

Kilcrea Friary, Ovens. County Cork 1465


 Built under the patronage of Cormac MacCarthy The Kilcrea Friary is a medieval abbey located near Ovens in County Cork. It takes its name from a 6th-century saint named Cyra who is said to [...]

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The Magdalene Tower, Drogheda. County Louth 1370


This elegant Gothic belfry tower dates to 1370 and are the only remains of what was once the Dominican Friary of Saint Mary Magdalene. Lucas de Netterville, then Archbishop of Armagh, founded a monastery [...]

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Boyle Abbey, Boyle. County Roscommon  1161-1592


An excellent example of an early Irish Cistercian Monastery Boyle Abbey was established in 1161 under the patronage of the MacDermotts and was completed in 1218. It was the first Cistercian monastery founded [...]

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Sligo Abbey, Sligo Town. County Sligo 1252


The only sculptured 15th century altar to survive in Ireland Sligo Abbey is located right in the middle of Sligo Town. It was built by Maurice Fitzgerald for the Dominicans in 1252 and [...]

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Castledermot, County Kildare 10th-18th centuries


site of the earliest known Irish Parliament & The oldest intact stone window in western Europe This small town was originally called 'Diseart Diarmad'; meaning 'Dermot's Hermitage'. This was once a very important [...]

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