Norman Castles & Mottes 1170 – 1320

The arrival of the Normans had an enormous impact on Irish society with new language, wool production, farming practices, architecture, warfare and a new legal system. Defensive sites began as motte & baileys however these developed into the great Anglo-Norman Castles of which many still remain.

Monuments from this period include Town Walls, Tower Houses, Cathedrals, Churches, Great Anglo-Norman Castles, Motte and bailey castles, Ringworks, Abbeys & Friaries.

Here are some examples of Norman Castles & Mottes 1170 – 1320

Ballylahan Castle, Straide, County Mayo 1239


The Exeters, The MacJordans, and a 700-year-old ruin Ballylahan Castle is located a couple of kilometers northeast of Strade village in County Mayo. It was constructed in 1239 on the south bank of the [...]

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Castledermot, County Kildare 10th-18th centuries


site of the earliest known Irish Parliament & The oldest intact stone window in western Europe This small town was originally called 'Diseart Diarmad'; meaning 'Dermot's Hermitage'. This was once a very important [...]

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