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The best way to travel is have a good excuse to visit somewhere. Most of the locations on this website (but not all) are classified as national monuments. There are approximately 1200 of these and they all been carefully selected for specific reasons (they might be the biggest castle, earliest water mill, most striking dolmen, a scene of a famous battle, it might have the finest Gothic arch, it might be the most ornately carved High Cross etc etc. If you’re not into history or architecture then visit these places just for their sheer natural beauty as most of these sites were the first places to be ‘grabbed and conquered’ for their strategic value but are often in the most spectacular of settings.  It’s also crazy to think that any of these buildings are still standing after all theses years having to deal with all the storms, blizzards, tornadoes, flooding, looting and landslides and all the ‘real’ Game of Thrones battles. So, go discover (with a wee bit of knowledge) a few precarious dolmens, a castle built on a promontory edge, a mysterious passage tomb or whatever floats your boat and tickles your fancy.

Feel free to contact me, get involved, inform me of any blunders and suggest new curious locations.

Best wishes and keep her between the ditches

Emmet McLaughlin