Derry City

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Craigavon Bridge, Derry City 1933

Craigavon Bridge is one of only a few double decker road bridges in Europe. It was built in 1933 and named after Lord Craigavon, the first Prime Minister of Northern Ireland. This is the 3rd [...]

The Derry Walls, Derry City 1613-1618 (Doire – Oak Grove)

Derry is...1- the last walled City to be built in Europe 2 - the first planned city to be built in Ireland 3- the only complete walled city in Ireland and 4 - the largest [...]

Prehen House, Prehen. Derry City – 1740

Prehen House is an absolute gem and should really be one of the north west's top attractions. This historic early Irish Georgian styled Manor House was built in 1740 with the finest materials for Andrew [...]

The Peace Bridge, Derry City – 2011

The Peace Bridge is a cycle and foot bridge built across the River Foyle and was officially opened on 25 June 2011. It connects the old army Barracks in Ebrington to the city centre. It [...]

Lumen Cristi College, Bishop Street. Derry City – 1879

Lumen Christi College was formerly known as St Columb's College. This is one of the few schools in the world that can claim two Nobel laureates amongst its alumni, namely; Seamus Heaney (Nobel Literature Prize-1995) [...]

Magee College, Northland Road. Derry City – 1865

This elegant building is Magee College, built in 1865 to the designs of the Dublin architect Edward Gribben in a Victorian Gothic style. At this time, Derry was a rapidly developing industrial centre and although [...]

St Eugene’s Cathedral, Francis Street. Derry City – 1851

According to legend, Eugene (which means ‘born under the protection of the yew tree' in Irish) was a monk from Dublin who had a vision to travel north to set up a monastery. Eugene was [...]

St Augustine’s Church, Society Street. Derry City – 1872

St. Augustine's is locally known as the “Wee Church on the Walls” and is thought to be located on the original site of the first monastery founded by St Columba in 546AD. In 1164 this [...]

The Apprentice Boys of Derry Memorial Hall, Society Street. Derry City – 1873

The Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall and its museum is dedicated to the memory of the 13 Apprentice Boys who closed the City gates in 1688 when Catholic James II of England laid siege to the [...]

Old Derry Jail Tower, Bishop Street. Derry City – 1791

This is the last remaining tower of the old Derry Jail which was built in 1791 and demolished in the 1970s. The jail housed a long list of notable inmates including Wolf Tone, leader of [...]

The Clocktower Building, Ebrington Barracks. Derry City – 1841

This site was originally known as 'Stronge's Orchard' and was first used for military purposes during the Siege of Derry in 1688/9 when King James's soldiers bombarded the walled city from this spectacular location on [...]

St Columba’s Church, Long Tower. Derry City – 1810

Derry takes it's name from the Irish word 'doire' meaning oak grove. Oak groves were regarded as sacred places in the pre-Christian times for the Celtic pagan peoples. The original settlement here was a monastery [...]

The Guildhall, Guildhall Street. Derry City – 1890

This impressive piece of architecture is Derry's Guildhall. It was built in 1887 using red sandstone and it's style is described as neo-gothic with Tudor overtones. It has the 2nd largest clock face in the [...]

St Columb’s Cathedral, London Street. Derry City – 1633

St Columb's Cathedral is reputedly the first Protestant Cathedral to be built in Europe after The Reformation and is Derry's oldest surviving building that is still in use today. It was built on the city's [...]

The Star Factory, Foyle Road. Derry City – 1899

The Star Factory was built in 1899 for the Messrs.Bayer Company who were shirt makers and was designed by Daniel Convoy. In the early 1900's Derry was the principal seat of the shirt industry in [...]

The Northern Bank, Shipquay Place. Derry City – 1866

This beautiful golden sandstone building was formerly known as The Northern Bank Building (It is now a Danske Bank). It was built in 1866 to the designs of the Irish architect Thomas Turner. Turner was [...]

St Brecan’s Church, St Columb’s Park. Derry City – c.1600 on 6th century site

This is St Brecan's Church located in St Columb's Park and is reputed to be the oldest building in Derry. It was built by Redmond O'Gallagher (the Bishop of Derry) circa 1600. St Brecan was [...]

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