co. Armagh

images of locations in county armagh

Navan Fort (Emain Macha), Armagh City. co. Armagh 95 b.c

Navan Fort is a state care national monument, located 2 miles from the Cathedral City of Armagh. This is one of Ireland's most important ancient monuments and according to ancient mythology, was one of the [...]

Bishops Palace, Armagh City. co. Armagh 1770

The Bishop's Palace in Armagh is a beautiful Neo-Classical building situated in 300 acres of parkland. This was the residence of the Archbishops of the Church of Ireland from 1770 to 1975. It was built [...]

Clontygora Court Tomb, Flagstaff. co. Armagh c.3500 b.c

The Clontygora Court Tomb is one of the finest burial chambers in Northern Ireland. It is locally known as the “King’s Ring” and is situated on a prominent hillside in South Armagh. It it is Y [...]

Kilnasaggart Pillar Stone, Jonesborough. co. Armagh c.700 a.d

The Kilnasaggart Pillar Stone is one of the earliest datable stone monuments in Ireland. It stands 2 metres tall in a field near the village of Jonesborough in co. Armagh. The ogham script on the [...]

Armagh Observatory, Armagh City 1790

Armagh Observatory was established by Richard Robinson, Archbishop of Armagh, in 1789. Robinson was not only the leader of the Church of Ireland but was also a multi-millionaire by today's standards and as as an [...]

St Patrick’s Cathedral (Roman Catholic) , Armagh City. built 1838 >1873

St Patrick was reputed to have built the first 'great stone church' here in 445 a.d inside a ringfort on a hill called 'Druimsailech'. He called it 'My Sweet Hill' and ordained that this church [...]

Ballykeel Dolmen, Camlouth. co.Armagh – c.4000 b.c > 2500 b.c

The Ballykeel portal tomb, locally known as 'The Hag's Chair' is a beautiful example of a tri-pod dolmen and dates from between 4000 and 2500 b.c. When it was excavated in 1963, plain and decorated [...]

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