The Hag’s Chair & The Ring of Gullion

This classic example of a tripod portal tomb or dolmen is locally known as ‘The Hag’s Chair’ and dates from around c.3200 BC. When excavated in 1963, plain and decorated neolithic pottery were found alongside flintstones and a cist type burial. The cap-stone is over nine feet long and has a notch carved into it which is similar to others found in the north of Ireland. It was also surrounded by a huge cairn of stones which measured 90-feet long by 30-feet wide which is quite unusual. Most of this cairn has disappeared however two parallel lines of carefully set stones are still visible which define the edges. It has been classified as a State Care Neolithic Monument and is the only portal tomb in Northern Ireland that has been re-erected. This ancient area in south Armagh is known as ‘The Ring of Gullion’ has recently been designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty.