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Beaulieu House, Drogheda. co. Louth 1680

The beautiful Beaulieu House, located 3 miles from the town of Drogheda is a rare example of a late c.17th mansion that stills exists in Ireland without alterations. This was originally the site of a [...]

Castle Roche, Crossroads. co. Louth -1236

Castle Roche is one of the most striking Anglo-Norman castles in Ireland. It was built in 1236 by the De Verdun family and it's location commands extensive views of the countryside all around. The steep [...]

Cúchulainn’s Stone (Clochafarmore), Knockbridge. co.Louth 500 b.c>500 a.d

According to legend, the mortally wounded Cúchulainn bound himself to this 10 foot pillar stone, so he could stand tall and face his enemies until the moment of his death. These did not dare approach [...]

Ireland’s most beautiful High Cross – Muiredach’s Cross, Monasterboice. co. Louth

This national monument is the wonderful Muiredach’s High Cross. It is regarded as the most beautiful Celtic cross in the World and Ireland’s greatest contribution to European sculpture. It stands 18 feet tall and is [...]

Ardee Castle, Ardee. co.Louth – 15th century a.d

This national monument is the largest fortified medieval tower house in Ireland. The original structure was founded by an Anglo-Norman lord called Roger de Peppard in 1207 although little remains of it. This 'current building' [...]

King John’s Castle, Carlingford. co.Louth – c.1200

King John's Castle is a national monument and can be found in the beautiful village of Carlingford. It was allegedly built for King John of England in 1200 however recent research suggests that it may [...]

Taaffe’s Castle, Carlingford. co.Louth – c.1520

Taaffe's Castle is situated in the beautiful medieval town of Carlingford. It was built at the start of the 16th century as a fortified townhouse and a trading depot for the Taaffe family. The Taaffe's [...]

The Tall Cross, Monasterboice. co.Louth – c.9th a.d (Mainistir Bhuithe-‘The Monastery of Buithe’)

This beautifully carved cross is located in the grounds of Monasterboice in county Louth. It is the tallest cross Ireland standing high at 21 feet and is dated to the 9th century. High Crosses are [...]

St Laurence’s Gate, Drogheda. co.Louth c.1280

This interesting structure was built in 1280 just outside the original walls of Drogheda to add extra protection for the town. It is described as a 'barbican' and is regarded as the finest example in [...]

Millmount Martello Tower, Drogheda. co.Louth – 1808

Millmount Fort is Drogheda's most dominant feature and it's most strategic location. A legend regarding it's origin says that it was the burial place of Amhairghin, a mythical Celtic poet and it has been suggested [...]

The Abbey of St Mary d’Urso, Drogheda. co.Louth – 1206

This is Drogheda's oldest monastic site as is known as 'The Old Abbey' or the 'Hospital of St. Mary d’Urso'. The official name is however 'The Abbey of St. Mary d’Urso'. It was founded in [...]

The Round Tower, Monasterboice. co.Louth – c.10th a.d (Mainistir Bhuithe-‘The Monastery of Buithe’)

This national monument is Monasterboice Round Tower. The name is derived from St Bhuithe who founded Monasterboice in the early 500's. The 92ft tower is missing it's conical roof and pokes up above the surrounding [...]

Mellifont Abbey, Tullyallen. co.Louth – 1142 (An Mhainistir Mhór -‘The Big Abbey’)

Mellifont Abbey was founded by St Malachy in 1142 and was the first and most important of Ireland's 35 Cistercian abbeys. The term Cistercian derives from Cistercium, the Latin name for the village of Cîteaux, [...]

Proleek Dolmen. Ballymascanlon. co.Louth c.4000>3000 b.c

This is the beautiful and graceful Proleek Dolmen located on the legendary Cooley Peninsula in co. Louth. It is one of the finest examples in Ireland and dates from between 4000 to 3000 bc. They [...]

Muiredach’s High Cross, Monasterboice. co.Louth – c.9-10th a.d

This national monument is the wonderful Muiredach's High Cross. It is regarded as the most beautiful Celtic cross in the World and Ireland's greatest contribution to European sculpture. It stands 18 feet tall and is [...]

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