A rare example of an original 17th century mansion in Ireland

The beautiful Beaulieu House is located 3 miles from the town of Drogheda in County Louth. This is a rare example of a late c.17th mansion that stills exists in Ireland without alterations. This was originally the site of a strategically placed Norman fortress that overlooked the River Boyne and over the following 800 years has been home to just two families, the Plunketts and the Tichbournes. Beaulieu evolved over time from a tower house to a Jacobean style building and finally to a grand mansion. The house has 4 acres of walled gardens that contained exotic fruits in the 1720’s such as figs and nectarines and famous paintings by Van Der Hagen, the founding father of Irish landscape painting. It also holds a painting which is probably the earliest depiction of King Billy at the Battle of the Boyne. King Billy (William of Orange) is shown on a black horse instead of the usual white that is often displayed on Unionist murals and there is a bedroom in the house where William used to sleep with his very good male buddy!