Millmount Martello Tower, Drogheda. Co.Louth  1808

The Millmount Martello Tower is Drogheda’s most dominant feature and it’s most strategic location. Legend says it is the burial place of Amhairghin, a mythical Celtic poet and it has recently been suggested that this site may have been a large passage grave similar to Newgrange. The original fortifications here were built by Hugh De Lacy in 1172. De Lacy was one of the most powerful Anglo-Normans to arrive in Ireland after having been granted ‘The Kingdom of Meath’ by Henry II. A few centuries it featured as part of the main defense against Cromwell during his invasion of Ireland when it was used during ‘the Siege of Drogheda’ in 1649. The Royalist defenders inside the fort attempted to surrender to Cromwell’s Parliamentarian troops but were massacred after they gave themselves up. The original fortifications were demolished in 1808 when the British built Richmond Barracks and the Millmount Tower Martello. It saw no real action until it was considerably damaged by Free State forces during the Irish Civil War of 1922. It has since been fully restored by Drogheda’s town council and is now a military museum.