Inspired by The Cloth Hall at Bruges, A magnificent tower & A European wide audience

This Gothic-styled Cathedral was built in 1833 on the site of a penal church and is dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This was the second Catholic Cathedral to be built in Ireland after Catholic Emancipation (The Catholic Cathedral in Waterford being the first). It was designed mainly by Thomas A. Cobden who also designed Duckett’s Grove and The Browne-Clayton Monument and was inspired by The Cloth Hall at Bruges in Belgium. The Cathedral’s magnificent tower and lantern to reach up 46 meters and are the highest point in the town. Inside, notable features are the main altar in the center, which is made from Sicilian marble, and the exquisitely-carved oak pulpit. In 2003 the Easter Ceremonies were broadcasted to Europe by RTE. In 2013 Christmas Eve mass and the Christmas Day Eurovision were celebrated by Bishop Denis Nulty and again broadcasted to Europe from the cathedral. Father Ted would have loved this parish.