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Moore Abbey, Monasterevin. co.Kildare 1767

Moore Abbey stands on an ancient site that was originally the 7th century monastery of St Evin. In the 12th century it became a rich and powerful Cistercian Monastery and after the suppression of the [...]

Castledermot, co.Kildare. c.10th Round Tower, c.9th Crosses and c.12th Friary

The small town of Castledermot in south Kildare takes it's name from 'Diseart Diarmad' meaning 'Dermot's Hermitage'. It must have been a very important ecclesiastical centre as there are many fine ruins including the remains [...]

St Bridget’s High Cross, Kildare Town. co.Kildare c.9th-12th (Cill Dara-Church of the Oak)

St Brigid's High Cross stands 9 feet tall in the grounds of St Bridget's Cathedral in Kildare Town. The cross is difficult to date because many of it's granite features have worn away and the [...]

Taghadoe Round Tower, Taghadoe. co.Kildare c.10th Century

Taghadoe derives its name from 'Teach Tua', meaning House of Tua. St Tua, also known as Ultan the Silent, was the abbot of Clonmacnoise who founded the monastery here. Little is known of it except [...]

Leixlip Castle, Leixlip. co.Kildare 1172

Leixlip Castle was built in 1172 by Adam de Hereford, a follower of Strongbow, one year after the Norman Invasion of Ireland. It is one of the oldest continuously-inhabited buildings in Ireland. Leixlip means 'salmon [...]

Barberstown Castle, Straffan. co.Kildare c.1500 on earlier Norman site

The original castle on this site was built by Nicholas Barby in 1288 on land owned by the Norman Fitzgerald family. Over the next 800 years it has passed into the ownership of 37 different [...]

White’s Castle, Athy. co.Kildare 1417

White's Castle was built in 1417 by Sir John Talbot, Viceroy of Ireland, to protect the inhabitants of Athy from the 'wild Irish'. This location on the banks of the River Barrow has been an [...]

St Bridget’s Cathedral, Kildare Town. co.Kildare – 1230

St Bridget's Cathedral was built on top of the same site that St Brigid founded her nunnery in the 5th century a.d. It is believed that Brigid’s mother was kidnapped by Irish pirates from Portugal [...]

Griesebank House, Ballitore. co.Kildare – 1700

Griesebank House, located in Ballitore, co. Kildare was a former school for Quakers. It was founded by Abraham Shackleton in 1726 (a fore father of the great polar explorer, Ernest Shackelton). Quakers are a relatively [...]

Shell Cottage,The Carton Estate. co.Kildare – c.1750

The history of Shell Cottage relates directly to one of the former inhabitants of Carton House, Emily Fitzgerald. She was the great granddaughter of Charles II, and married James Fitzgerald in 1747, the 20th Earl [...]

Kilkea Castle, Castledermot. co.Kildare – built 1426 on earlier site

The structure of Kilkea castle (as you see it) dates from c.1426 and is a claimant of the oldest continuously inhabited castle in Ireland. This was built on an earlier Norman motte and bailey built [...]

Moone High Cross, Moone. co.Kildare-10th century a.d

The beautiful Moone High Cross is a masterpiece among granite crosses and is the 2nd largest in Ireland. Only 200 High crosses survive in Ireland with the majority being fragmentary like the holed cross also [...]

Carton House, Maynooth. co.Kildare – 1739

Carton House was built in 1739 for the Fitzgerald family. It was designed by the famous architect Richard Cassels whose other works include Leinster House, Powerscourt House, The Connoly Folly and Russborough House. The history [...]

Castletown House, Celbridge. co.Kildare – 1729

Castletown is Ireland's largest and earliest Palladian style house and is significant in terms of European architectural heritage. It's façade was almost certainly designed by the Italian architect, Alessandro Galilei and the Irish architect Sir [...]

Cottage Ruin, Clane. co.Kildare – c.1800

This cottage ruin was probably built around 1800. Such cottages are often located on land still owned by the future generations of the same family who lived in them. Instead of demolishing or trying to [...]

The K Club, Straffan. co.Kildare 1832

The original building here, Straffan House, was built in 1832 during the Regency era by Hugh Barber of the wine firm 'Barber and Guestier'. He also purchased Barberstown Castle and to live in during it's [...]

Brennan’s Inn, Kilteel. co.Kildare – c.1900

This pub is situated in the Parish of Eadestown in Kildare. It's the only parish in Ireland with 2 race courses and 1 pub. This is also Kildare’s highest pub located at 700ft above sea [...]

Rathmore Motte Castle, Rathmore. co.Kildare – c.12th century a.d

Rathmore is located in north county Kildare and is named after this 'Great Motte'. The Motte is a large flat-topped mound that was used as the'castle' headquarters for one of the Norman Fitzgeralds. In 1894 [...]

Kilteel Monastic Ruins, Kilteel. co.Kildare – 12th century a.d

This National Monument is located in Kilteel, Kildare's highest village. This 12th century Romanesque chancel arch is unique in Ireland for the fact that it has figure sculpture. You can see Adam and Eve, a [...]

Punchestown Long Stone, Punchestown. co.Kildare – 2000 b.c > 500 b.c

This national monument is the impressive Punchestown Longstone. It is the tallest and one of the most graceful examples in Ireland standing at 22 feet high. It is difficult to establish the age of standing [...]

Conolly’s Folly, Celbridge. co.Kildare – 1741

This strange looking structure is called 'Conolly's Folly' and stands 140 feet high. It is composed of several arches and is adorned by stone pineapples and eagles and is topped by a massive obelisk pillar. [...]

Straffan Parish Church, Straffan. co.Kildare – 1838

Straffan Parish Church was built in 1838 and takes it's architectural design from France. This connection was through the local Barton family who built the nearby K-Club. Thomas Barton, originally from Buttevant in Co. Cork [...]

The Church of our Lady & Guardian Angels, Sallins. co.Kildare – 1924

This very unusual church is a pre-fabricated structure consisting of a metal exterior and a beautiful wooden interior. The church was consecrated in 1973 however the structure dates from 1924. It was purchased and brought [...]

Craddockstown West Longstone, Punchestown. co.Kildare c.1500 b.c > 500 b.c

This hugely elegant megalithic longstone stands 15 feet tall in a field facing the entrance to the Punchestown Racecourse. It was thought that such Longstones were markers for route ways or boundaries, or were monuments [...]

The Wonderful Barn, Leixlip. co.Kildare – 1742

This odd looking structure is The Wonderful Barn, It was  commissioned by Katherine Conolly, widow of William 'speaker' Conolly of the Castletown Estate. It rises to a height of 73 feet in the shape of [...]

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