The House of Tua & Ultan the Silent

Taghadoe derives its name from ‘Teach Tua’, meaning ‘House of Tua’. St Tua, also known as Ultan the Silent, was the Abbot of Clonmacnoise who founded the monastery here. Little is known of it except that one of its abbots, Folachtach, died here in 765 AD. The tower dates to the 10th century and stands ‘capless’ at 65 feet tall (it may have never been completed). There are a few interesting carvings still intact including a flat raised molding on the south side of the doorway and a very worn head carving is just visible above the keystone. The church beside the tower was constructed in 1831 for the Church of Ireland by a donation from the Board of First Fruits of €830. It was only active for 40 years and while derelict its walls are quite intact. The tower was declared a national monument in 1886, and the site is now under the care of the Office of Public Works.