Once the finest country houses in Ireland

Castle Durrow (Darú-‘Plain of the Oaks’) is a beautiful ‘country pile’ that was built between 1712 and 1716 as a family home by Captain William Flower. Flower was the MP for Kilkenny who later became the 1st Baron of Castle Durrow and ‘Viscount Ashbrook’. This grand house falls into what is described as grand baroque and early Georgian with its elegant proportions and classical elements. It remained in the hands of the Ashbrook family for over 200 years when it was sold and many of its hardwood trees were sadly cleared and sold for a quick profit. It later belonged to the Bank of Ireland for a time and was then used as a college followed by a convent. In 1998 it was eventually bought and lovingly restored with the finest of taste by Peter and Shelly Stokes. It is now one of the most luxurious country house hotels in Ireland.