Strange carvings on an international pilgrimage route

The Clonfinlough Stone is located near the village of Clonfinlough in County Offaly. This national monument has mysterious carvings that may date from any time between c.1000BC and 1400AD. The stone is 10-foot x 8-foot and is completely covered with rock art carvings including cup marks, a cross, and even a footprint. It was always believed to date from the bronze age, and a recent discovery of a nearby settlement gives weight to this argument however recent observations have noticed similarities between its carvings and carvings found in the north of Spain, particularly near Galicia. A new theory is that this stone was the medieval pilgrimage route between the nearby Monastery of Clonmacnoise and Santiago de Compostella and may have therefore been a stopping point for traveling pilgrims. The carvings may, therefore, be Christian and date from the mid 1400′s.