a cairn, a tomb, fairies & views

This cairn is a collapsed passage tomb and is often referred to as Fairy Castle. It sits at the highest point of ‘The Dublin Mountains’ at an altitude of 1,740 feet beside a trig point on Two Rock Mountain. The mountain takes its name from the two granite tors that lie to the south-east of the summit. It dates to the Bronze Age between c.2000BC-2500BC and is the easternmost in a series of such tombs that stretch across the Wicklow Mountains. The tomb was once known by locals as ‘The Cave’ but it has since collapsed however the belief that fairies still live within the mound still exists. There are extensive views taking in 6 counties (Wicklow, Dublin, Louth, Meath, Kildare, and Down), and 3 countries (Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Wales). The structure is 82 feet in circumference and the mound is 7 feet high made up of granite and quartz blocks. There is no evidence that the tomb has ever been opened but archaeologists believe that the interior contains a small burial chamber…who knows what’s in there?