One of Ireland’s most beautiful and oldest portal tombs

The beautiful Kilclooney dolmen dates from c.3500 BC and is regarded as one of the finest examples of a portal tomb in the country. Its impressive capstone measures 13-feet wide, 20-feet long, and stands over six feet high. This makes it one of the largest examples in Europe and it probably weighs over 100 tonnes! The massive capstone looks different from every angle and some say it resembles a bird taking to flight, a whale, a dolphin and an alligator to name but a few. The lower end of the capstone is unusually supported by a small stone that was placed on top of the back stone (normally it is placed directly on to the back stone). It is believed that this extra stone was placed to allow extra light to shine into the tomb. Nearby is another smaller dolmen (which has partly collapsed) and a court tomb. This area is Ireland at its most magical.