An early stone circle in a beautiful location in north Donegal

The Bocan Stone Circle is located about a mile outside the village of Culdaff on the Inishowen Peninsula and dates to between 1500-2500 BC. Stone circles may have been used for sun worship, inauguration sites, or meeting places but no one really knows what shenanigans were going on at these sites. There were possibly 30 or more stones in this circle and some were up to seven feet tall but it seems that some have been indiscriminately cleared. In 1816 it was reported that ‘graves’ with ‘earthen urns’ had been uncovered in the circle. This area of Inishowen is one of the richest in the country for historical monuments and nearby you can find ancient passage tombs, early Christian churches, rock art, and some of the earliest Celtic crosses. The main stone in this circle resembles a giant boot or possibly a hurling stick depending on your viewing angle! This stone circle is now classified as a national monument.