A Norman motte or an ancient passage tomb ?

The Ninch barrow mound possibly dates from approx c.400 A.D. and stands nearly 20 feet high with a diameter of 75 feet. It resembles a Norman motte and the nearby bungalow also has an address of ‘The Motte’ however according to excavations carried out by P.D.Sweetman in 1979 it seems to be a late Iron age burial mound but could be much older. Once you get to the top of the mound there are beautiful views of the River Nanny sweeping into the Irish Sea at Laytown and the extensive views of the landscape of co. Meath. It is also known in local folklore as ‘The burial mound of Laogh’, one of Cuchulainn’s charioteers. It is located on private land and is classified as a national monument. Visitors should request permission from the landowner.