The Maiden Tower and The Lady’s Finger can be found on Morning beach in County Meath. The tower dates to the 16th century and was built as a beacon to aid sailors navigating their way up from the mouth of the River Boyne into Drogheda. It was also used as a lookout post during the Elizabethan Wars with Spain (1585 – 1603) to alert the authorities of approaching enemy ships, some even speculate that it was named after Queen Elizabeth I, the Maiden Queen. Beside the tower is a 13-foot obelisk known as ‘The Lady’s Finger’. The legend associated with it was that a beautiful woman was in love with a local man who was called away to war. Before leaving, the woman made her lover promise he would return to her, one way or another. They struck a bargain so that if the man survived the war, he would return on a ship with white sails, and if he did not survive, the ship would arrive in port decked in black sails. The young woman kept her vigil at the top of the Maiden Tower for many months, until she finally saw her lover’s ship on the horizon. As it came closer, she could see the sails adorning the ship were black. Overwhelmed with grief, the young woman threw herself off the top of the tower so as to join her lover in death. The obelisk that was said to have been erected in her memory and the term ‘Lady’s Finger’ was coined to represent the young woman’s ring finger, that never received a wedding ring.