Castle Leslie is locate in Glaslough in county Monaghan. The Leslie Family can trace their ancestry back to Atilla the Hun of Hungary and to a nobleman called Bartholomew Leslie. Bartholomew saved Margaret Queen of Scotland’s life in 1065 in an incident whilst they were fleeing from enemies on horseback. The Queen had fallen off a horse and he got her to ‘grip fast’ his buckle saving her. After this the Queen bestowed lands and the motto ‘Grip fast’ to the Leslie family. In 1633 Bishop John Leslie was known as ‘the fighting bishop’ and defeated Cromwell’s forces at the Battle of Raphoe. The estate has 3 lakes, the largest of which – Glaslough, shares it’s name with the local village. The present ‘castle’ was built in 1870 and was designed in a Victorian style facing the south side and and in a Scottish Baronial style facing the north side. The house is still home to the Leslie family with Sir Jack Leslie in residence, and the principal owner Samantha Leslie. It hit the headlines in 2002 when Sir Paul McCartney married Heather Mills in the family church located on the estate. Other famous faces have included WB Yeats, Michael Collins, Mick Jagger, Sir Patrick Moore not to mention various members of the Churchill family (to whom the Leslies are related).