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Ninch Barrow Mound, Laytown. co.Meath c.400 a.d?

This mound located on the right hand side of the road between Julianstown and Laytown stands nearly 20 feet high and is 75 feet in diameter. It sits beside a modern bungalow and resembles a [...]

Athcarne Castle, Balrath. co.Meath 1590

This foreboding looking building is Athcarne Castle. It was built for William Bathe in 1590. The Bathe family produced a number of well known legal and political personalities around the 16th and 17th century. It [...]

Dowth Passage Tomb, Dowth. co.Meath c.2500 – 2000 b.c

Dowth, which means 'darkness', is one of the 3 principle passage tombs of the Brú na Bóinne World Heritage Site (The other 2 being Newgrange and Knowth). It dates from c.2500 b.c and shares a [...]

Athcarne Cross, Balrath. co. Meath c.1675

The Athcarne Cross is located close to the historic village of Duleek, County Meath, Ireland. This national monument was erected circa 1675 as a memorial to Sir Luke Bathe and his wife, Dame Cecilia Dowdall, [...]

Trim Castle, Trim. co. Meath – 1176 (Baile Átha Troim-Town at the ford of elderflowers)

Trim Castle is not only the earliest stone castle to be built in Ireland but is also the largest Norman Castle in Europe. It was built in 1176 by Hugh de Lacy and his son [...]

Site of The Battle of the Boyne, Oldbridge. co.Meath – 1690

This is the location where The Battle of the Boyne took place between King William of Orange and his father-in-law, King James II. It was was fought on 1 July 1690 (11 July according to [...]

Newgrange, Donore. co.Meath 3200 b.c

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is Newgrange, the 'Mother Ship' of all Irish ancient monuments. It is part of a complex of at least 35 similar type monuments built along a bend of the River [...]

Knowth Passage Tomb, Meath c.3000 b.c

Knowth is Ireland's most spectacular complex of prehistoric passage tombs. This World Heritage site dates from about 3000 b.c and is not only the largest of the three great passage tombs in the Boyne Valley [...]

Fourknocks Passage Tomb, co. Meath – c.3000 b.c

This national monument is the Fourknocks Passage Tomb that dates to c.3000 b.c. It’s name may derive from the Irish word ‘Fuair Cnocs’ that translates to ‘cold hills’ or it just may refer to the [...]

Ireland’s earliest & largest Norman castle – Trim Castle, co. Meath – 1176

Trim Castle is not only the earliest stone castle to be built in Ireland but is also one of the largest Norman Castle in Europe. It was built in 1176 by Hugh de Lacy and [...]

The Market Cross, Kells. co.Meath – early 10th century

This is the famous 9th century 'Market Cross' of Kells that now stands outside Kells Courthouse. It was originally called the “Cross of the Gate” as it was located at the eastern side of the [...]

The Loughcrew Passage Tombs, Oldcastle. co. Meath – c.3300 b.c

Loughcrew is one of our most important and impressive megalithic sites and is described as 'the best kept archaeological secret in Ireland'. This particular tomb 'Cairn T' is probably older than Newgrange and is located [...]

The Friary on The Hill of Slane, Slane Village. co.Meath – 1512

This site is reputed to be to be the place where the Fir Bolg King 'Sláine' is buried and the location where St. Patrick lit the 1st paschal fire in 433 in defiance of King [...]

J O’Connells Pub, Hill of Skyrne. co.Meath – c.1800

O'Connell's Pub features in the Guinness Christmas advert and  is popularly known as 'Mrs O's' or 'Yankee's'. It is located opposite a national monument called Screen Church. This pub has practically unchanged since the early [...]

Skreen Church. Hill of Skryne. co. Meath – 1341

Skreen Church is a national monument which stands on an elevated position on The Hill of Skryne. It was built in 1341 on the site of an earlier church which had a shrine dedicated to [...]

Slane Bridge, Slane Village. co.Meath – 1776

This 13 arch masonary bridge was built when the nearby weir and mill races were constructed in 1776. It is one of the oldest crossing points over the Boyne River connecting Slane to Dublin with [...]

Bective Abbey, Bective. co.Meath – founded 1147

Bective Abbey is a national monument and was founded in 1147 by Murchad O Maeil-Sheachlainn, King of Meath, for the Cistercians. It was one of the earliest abbeys and is described as 'the daughter' of [...]

The Stone of Destiny, Hill of Tara. co. Meath – c.500 b.c

The Stone of Destiny otherwise known as the 'Lia Fail' is located on the inauguration mound on the Hill of Tara. It served as the coronation stone for thousands of years for the High Kings [...]

St John’s Priory, Trim. co.Meath – founded 1202 (Baile Átha Troim-town at the ford of Elderflowers)

These are the ruins of the Priory and The Hospital of St John the Baptist founded by Simon deRochfort in c. 1202. The Friary was occupied by a branch of monks called 'The Crutched Friars' [...]

Killeen Castle, Dunsany. co.Meath – built c.1820

The history of Killeen Castle dates back over eight hundred years to 1181, when Hugh de Lacy built castles for a strategic defense system for north Leinster. From 1403 until the 1950’s, the castle acted [...]

Regan’s Pub, Trim. co.Meath – est. c.14th century (claimed)

This small traditional pub is located in a beautiful spot beside St Peter's Bridge near the town of Trim. It claims to be Ireland's second oldest pub (next to Sean's Bar in Athlone) and the [...]

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