Fianna Fail, The soldiers of destiny & the inauguration stone for the High King of Ireland

The Stone of Destiny otherwise known as the ‘Lia Fail’ is located on the inauguration mound on the Hill of Tara, co. Meath. It served as the coronation stone for hundreds of years for the High Kings of Ireland up to 500 a.d. It was said to have magical properties and when the rightful King put his feet on it the stone was said to roar with joy, rejuvenate and endow him with a long reign. It was from this stone that the Tuatha De Danann named Ireland ‘Inis Fail’ in ancient times. The Term ‘Fianna Fail’ meaning ‘soldiers of destiny’ also takes its name from this stone. It was vandalized and damaged in 11 places by someone using a hammer in June 2012!