The Crutched Friars & a medieval hospital

St John’s Priory is located on the outskirts of Trim in County Meath. It was founded 1202 by Bishop Simon de Rochefort and was occupied by a branch of monks called ‘The Crutched Friars’ named after the wooden staffs that were topped by a cross that they carried. These hospitals were built similar to all Augustinian monasteries but had special facilities to care for the sick. The remains include a church with a nave and chancel and a large three-light window on the east wall. There are also the remnants of a 16th-century wall that still has a small turret on the corner. The priory was dissolved in 1540 by Henry VIII and after the reformation, the building was re-used for a private residence. Just across the bridge is Regan’s that claims to be one of the oldest pubs in Ireland…definitely worth stopping for one!