St. Aengus’s Church, Burt. County Donegal      1967

This stunning and timeless building is St.Aengus’ Church located in Burt, co. Donegal. It was built in 1967 and was designed by local award winning architects Frank Corr and Liam McCormick. It is regarded as a masterpiece of design and was awarded ‘Building of the Century’ by a national poll run by the Irish times. The church takes its pagan inspiration from the nearby Grainan of Aileach ringfort which is located on the nearby hilltop. This area has also had some form of religious temple since the Bronze Age. It was built in a circular shape as a reference to the ‘circle of life’ to give the congregation a feeling of all-inclusiveness and equality. Some of its unique features include the ‘off centre’ roof light above the altar, a beautifully curved plastered ceiling and stunning stained glass windows designed by Helen Maloney in the Cubist style. The stones used on the outside of the church are ‘recycled’ cobblestones salvaged from the Derry Docks.