This odd looking building is locally known as ‘The Bottle Tower’ and is located in Churchtown, South Dublin. It was built in reaction to the 1740/1 famine which ravished Ireland and many parts of Europe. Recent estimates have put the death toll of this ‘forgotten famine’ to between 250,000 and 480, 000 people. It was built under the direction of Kathryn Conolly (wife of William ‘Speaker’ Conolly of Castletown House) to keep local people employed during these tough times and was probably built as a granary. Inside it has 2 fireplaces which would suggest that it was also suitable for domestic purposes. The cantilevered staircase leads to a small ‘lookout’ area and this was probably used for shooting game. It’s design is similar in style to ‘The Wonderful Barn’ in Leixlip (see post on Kildare section) which was also commissioned by Kathryn Conolly.