A martello on millionaires row

This is Martello Tower No. 7 located on Killiney Hill in South County Dublin. It is one of about fifty Martellos built by the British. Many were were built along our eastern coastline from Drogheda all the way down to Bray. Dublin Bay had a high concentration of them as twenty-six towers were built in line of sight of each other providing the ability to communicate and warn of any incoming attacks by the French Navy. ‘Martello No.7’ is unique for it’s unusual location of half a kilometre from the sea. This position on high ground made it useful however as a lookout post. The Tower is now privately owned but is sometimes open to the public. It has been beautifully restored over a 10 year period and includes a proofed 18-pounder cannon. There is also a coach house, an artillery store, a tool shed, a gunner’s cottage (with a resident gunner) and a gunpowder store. When the restoration was completed the Martello was inaugurated again by the firing of the cannon on the 12th of July 2008.