This curious looking is called the Skull House. It measures 8.5 X 6.5 feet and may have served as an oratory. It stands within a graveyard in the parish of Cooley overlooking Lough Foyle and the town of Moville. It has been suggested that it is an ancient tomb for local saints as human remains were found in it. This area once had an ancient monastery called ‘Maghbhile’ which was believed to have been founded by St Patrick himself. This had been Inishowen’s great seat of learning in the 6th century but it has since disappeared. This location was probably chosen like many of the other early Christian sites because it was a sanctuary for trees and was already dedicated to pagan worship. Just outside this graveyard stands one of the earliest examples of a Celtic Cross called ‘The Cooley Cross’. The patron saint of Moville, Saint Finian, is also reputed to have been buried in this graveyard.

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