The Vikings, The O’Briens, Dungeons & a No.1 tourist attraction

Bunratty Castle is located in the village of Bunratty in County Clare. This is one of the most impressive castles and one of the top tourist attractions in Ireland. This was the location of a former Viking settlement that was built in the 970s. This location was carefully chosen as it sits on a bend on the Ratty River. (‘Bun Raite’ actually means ‘the bottom of the Ratty River’ in Irish). If you climb to the top of the castle you can also see where the River Shannon divides the west from the south and east of the country. The castle was built by the O’Briens between 1425 and 1467 who later became The Earls of Thomond. You enter by a drawbridge and the middle section has three floors including the Great Hall and the four towers have 6 stories each. There is also a set of dungeons that have been furnished with tapestries and artifacts from various eras of the castle’s history.