Ireland’s most northerly bar – next stop Iceland!

Farren’s Bar holds the claim to being Ireland’s most northerly pub on the mainland. According to online blogs…it apparently has stools along the bar which are full of all-day drinkers (i.e legends!). It has the old-style steel tubular stools, jugs hanging off the ceiling and you can buy a loaf of bread or packet of biscuits while your pint of Guinness is settling. According to a recent visitor …’The barman was very pleasant and for our first round we got shamrocks in the head of our pints, the second round he spelled the first name of each drinker in their respective pints. The non-locals were very impressed’. This pub has been in the family for six generations and if you plan a spot of fishing pop into their tackle shop next door. It has great views too out to the wild north Atlantic Ocean.