The oldest and best-preserved original features of any church in Dublin City

St Audeon’s Church is located on High Street in Dublin City and dates from c.1190AD. It has the distinction of being the only medieval parish church, retaining any original features, still in use within the city of Dublin. It is dedicated to St Ouen the 7th century Bishop of Rouen and patron saint of Normandy. It houses Ireland’s oldest bells (1423) which ring inside Ireland’s oldest church tower. Its main porch has an early Christian gravestone known as the Lucky Stone which has been kept here since before 1309 and has many strange legends connected with it. The Guild Chapel of St Anne now houses an award-winning exhibition on the church’s history in the life of the medieval city. This includes 17th-century memorials to the Sparke and Duff families of Dublin and a 15th-century effigial tomb to Baron Portlester and his wife.