The largest collection of rare whiskeys in the country

The Temple Bar is one of the most famous pubs in Dublin. Its history goes back to 1599 when Sir William Temple, a renowned teacher, and philosopher, built his house and gardens here on newly reclaimed land around Temple Bar. His son, Sir John Temple, went onto developed what we know as Temple Bar after a ‘sea wall’ was built in 1656 to hold back the Liffey. The area thus became known as Temple’s Barr (A ‘Barr’ was a raised estuary sandbank often used for walking on). In 1707 -a new customs house was built on the site where U2’s Clarence Hotel stands today and soon after warehouses, taverns, theatres, and even brothels shot up at every corner. The boom lasted barely a century when the new Custom House was built across the Liffey in 1791. Temple Bar fell into disrepair and became a run-down inner-city slum until the mid-20th century. The state transport company CIE started buying up property here in the 1980s with the view of building a huge bus depot. The area, however, let out the empty premises at cheap rates. Attracted by the bargain rents, artists, fringe boutiques and alternative eateries started to shoot up all over the area. This lead to the area becoming a unique bohemian buzzing quarter. The Irish state got involved in 1991 and set up a non-profit company to oversee the future development of Temple Bar. The Temple Bar has 450 bottles of rare and interesting whiskeys gathered for decades from all over the world and is Ireland’s largest collection.