4 lighthouses at the most easterly point of Ireland?

Wicklow Head Lighthouse was built in 1781 and was originally part of a pair. Their architect, John Trail had previously designed the Grand Canal in Dublin and was given the task to construct two lighthouses at this location to eliminate the confusion for mariners between Hook Head and Howth Head. It was originally lit by lanterns containing tallow candles which were a rendered form of beef or mutton fat but by 1810 the two lighthouses were falling into disrepair. Two new lighthouses were commissioned and were to be built further down the cliff as mist and fog often obscured the original two (Irish or what!) The lighthouse was hit by lightning in 1836 destroying all in inner floors and lantern. It was suggested at the time that the ‘roof be repaired immediately’ to halt any further damage, so the brick domed roof, that can be seen in the photo, was put on in 1866….30 years later! It is now used as the Irish Landmark Trust’s emblem and can be booked as accommodation.