Ireland’s highest waterfall & King George IV’s near escape

The Powerscourt Waterfall is Ireland’s highest waterfall and arguably the most beautiful waterfall with a height of 398-feet. The estate is covered in Beech, Oak, Larch, Pine, and even Giant Redwood trees, some of which were planted over 250 years ago. In August 1821, during the visit of King George IV to the Powerscourt Estate, Richard Wingfield, 5th Viscount Powerscourt decided to try and impress the King. He built a wooden viewing bridge near the top of the waterfall which he then damned to create a larger torrent of water. Apparently the King was unable to leave the banquet in the nearby Powerscourt House (due to drinking one too many!) When the waters were finally released, the bridge was washed away at such force that the two of them would have probably be killed or drowned! Who said drinking was bad for you?