This national monument is the largest fortified medieval tower house in Ireland. The original structure was founded by an Anglo-Norman lord called Roger de Peppard in 1207 although little remains of it. This ‘current building’ was built in the 15th century by John St. Ledger. This castle’s location on the main street of the Anglo-Norman town of Ardee suggests it’s use was not just as a residence but also for the defense of the town. Ardee was a strategic location has made it the site of many significant battles throughout history, and in medieval times it served as an outpost on the border between the Anglo Norman south and the Gaelic north. Between the 13th and 17th century it was in the hands of the English until the O’Neills took it over in a major struggle. James II used it as his headquarters for a month prior to the Battle of the Boyne. The tower house was converted into a courthouse and prison in 1805. Today it still continues to be used as a district courthouse and for local administration.

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